Monday, December 17, 2007

Who should you vote for in the 2008 elections

Mitt Romney is planing to cut taxes for the rich, Eco George W. Bush and stop science before they offend his religion and keep the war in Iraq going. Mike Hukkabee is planing to stop all those who oppose him and the republican party. Obama will do things in favor of his race only. Hillary is going to re pare damages done to her husbands hard work and is going to listen to the people of the united sates to find out what issues to solve. What are you going to vote for? I guess it's up to you. But do us all this favor, Don't foll any one like sheep and don't vote for some one just because their the same race, sex, or religion vote only according to whose planing to do the right thing and not violate on out constitutional rights or some one who is going to serve only their own kind.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Evil turkey

One morning i opened the oven and a turkey came back from the dead. first the turkey jumped out of the oven and started kicking everything around. when the turkey got away i turned on the TV and there was a report abut a turkey taking over the world. I went out after the turkey and when i found the turkey it was stomping all over the town at 100 ft tall. and it wade 2,000 tones. the turkey was zaping people with its eyes. The turkey stared back at me and tryed to zap me so i shot it then it ended up back in my oven were it started.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Giong crazzy

combining work with school is making me go crazzy. Rite now im a full time collage student with a part time job. Every day i am really buissy. It gets really crazzy i am surounded by people getting to relax wile my daily schegual is full. some times i feel like runing down the street and screem.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Japaneze fishermen are evil

japaneze fishermen Kill dolphens for the fun of it and they do not deserve to make a living for what they do. they are curupt and they have no respect for the earth. What can we do to stop them?
1. Stop buying sea food and sea products from japan.
2. Don't buy anything made in japan and simpaly tell your local retalers to stop selling thing from japan untell they stop allawing their fisherman to kill dolphans and mess up our world.
let every one know that what they are doing is ageansed god and is not ok. if we can unite and use consumer power they will no longer be killing dolphans. I stongly beleave it is our responsibillity as speacies of this planet to put a stop to those who destroy our home. If this govenment whants to keep us safe they could start by protecting the only home we live in by stoping the greedy from destroying the only planet we live on even if it's another government that has no respect for our home. The same goes with all other civilasations thay live on this planet.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First conact

For centuries humans have dreamed of making first contact with lifeforms from other worlds. So far no contact has been made and humans have spent millions of dollars on finding life from other worlds. The question is are we ready to find life from other worlds? So far we haven't even tried to communicate with other people of our own kind. We can't even accept other people for who they are. All we can do is kill each other for having different beliefs and hold hatred and attack things we don't understand. Then we wonder why other being don't feel safe around us. If even one being was to visit our world people just like now will decide just because they don't understand the other being that it automatically give them the right to attack them.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pre Evolution disorder

Pre Evolution disorder otherwise known as stupidity is caused when the primate brain does not evove with the rest of the body. Many people suffer pre evolution disiorder. There is no known cure it effects us all. Many of our nations leaders suffer from pre evolution disorder. Ost the people we see have pre evolution disorder. Now you kow what pre evolution disorder is do you still think most people are normal?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

McGuire story

Here is the video of the The McGuire Diaries.

Manny of you have probibly heard of the McGuire story now heres what i have to say about it.
I think it was a bad trial they diddn't have any real witnesses to what happend. She probibly would'n report him missing after she kicked him out of the house and no one should expect her to have anything to do with him the prosiction didd't have any real evedevce to convict her the so called witnesses were an jiggaloes and they should have been charged for lieing under oath. and for stalking her. If any one had a brain they would dropp all charges and a misstrial woul have been filed by now and that prosicuter would have been told out on wasting taxpayers money on something that wasn't even worth taking to court.

Monday, October 8, 2007

why cats are better than dogs

Some people are so werd that they would almost marry a dog. Dogs are loud obnauctious amthey could stink up a house in only a few days. they use the foor like a litter box. they even drive off mail chariers and create trouble for the entire neghborhood. Cats don't bark at mail chariers they don't bark at everyone that walks by and don't try to kill children like dogs do.
Cat owner arnt as discusting an they don't bark with their pet like dog owners do and they don't try taking them places they have no buissness taking them like daycares, Elementary shools or any other place were they could be indangerin childen. No I don't think its cute when dogs try to attack cats, children or even old diabled people. the least dog owners could do is learn from cat owners and start acting mature. They could actually try to be more responsible with their pets. cats rule