Friday, October 10, 2008

The realationships between sipidity and liers

This nation is filled with liers anarcist and bags of cow shit like republicans who don't care about who they are hirting. All they care about is defending money that doesnt even belong to them. Being a hard working citizen it pisses me off that they would not onely get away with taking money that i work hard for but when they get caught they actually think they have any right getting pissy at those they riped off they forget what possision their in and if they don't have anything real to use they have to lie. I hope theirs a hell for them to go to because they deserve to burn for eturnity. I cant beleave that any one would be stipid enought to soport them. P.S. the next pirson to cock an aditude with me will wish they never herd of me the sam goes for who ever sent me that message.