Monday, October 8, 2007

why cats are better than dogs

Some people are so werd that they would almost marry a dog. Dogs are loud obnauctious amthey could stink up a house in only a few days. they use the foor like a litter box. they even drive off mail chariers and create trouble for the entire neghborhood. Cats don't bark at mail chariers they don't bark at everyone that walks by and don't try to kill children like dogs do.
Cat owner arnt as discusting an they don't bark with their pet like dog owners do and they don't try taking them places they have no buissness taking them like daycares, Elementary shools or any other place were they could be indangerin childen. No I don't think its cute when dogs try to attack cats, children or even old diabled people. the least dog owners could do is learn from cat owners and start acting mature. They could actually try to be more responsible with their pets. cats rule


Cheri said...

Well, dogs have their problems, yes. They require intelligent owners. But cats aren't always better than dogs. After all dogs can't jump up on the counter and eat all my food. They can't jump up on the table and rip holes in the bread bag. And they don't claw holes in water bed mattresses, or rip up furniture with their claws.

The nice thing about this world is that some people like dogs, so we have dogs for them. Some people like cats, so we have cats for them. Pets come in all sizes and shapes.

Do you like lions for pets?

Casdok said...

Im a cat person.
But dont think i would keep a lion!!

Ethel said...

Some folks like both cats and dogs! I hope I always have two of each, and right now, I have 3 cats (one is stone-deaf!) and 2 dogs.

boots said...

Would you like a wolfe as a pet?