Wednesday, October 10, 2007

McGuire story

Here is the video of the The McGuire Diaries.

Manny of you have probibly heard of the McGuire story now heres what i have to say about it.
I think it was a bad trial they diddn't have any real witnesses to what happend. She probibly would'n report him missing after she kicked him out of the house and no one should expect her to have anything to do with him the prosiction didd't have any real evedevce to convict her the so called witnesses were an jiggaloes and they should have been charged for lieing under oath. and for stalking her. If any one had a brain they would dropp all charges and a misstrial woul have been filed by now and that prosicuter would have been told out on wasting taxpayers money on something that wasn't even worth taking to court.

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Casdok said...

They like wasting tax payers money.