Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Road block effect

Their are many things to learn from the complications from this world. Some of the most important lessons we should not ignore and should pay careful attention to is the road block effect and try to See what we could do to help make it better. This is a message to warn every one that if you treat people a certain way because you think that you are the higher authority it may cause that person to pass it on to a lower authority and may cause an effect related to the traffic jam effect, (one person in a parade falls every one behind them is likely to fall). It seems every one has seen this analyses before so let me ask you this what have you done to make it better? If the awnser is nothing the question is why? don't you think that you should be a little
more respectfull to these who have brought you this far? If you know a company owner or a top rank Government offical than your part is to pass it on If not your part is to think about it Throughly so you never cause a road block toward the progress of humanity.

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Casdok said...

Great post. There certainly are many things to learn. And i do try and do my bit not to cause road blocks.