Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Autism in a prejudice town

I have grown up with autism all my life with people hating me for it. The only freinds i get are eather thinking that theyre going to get something out of being freinds with me or they are the kind that don't see me much and the one that started off likeing me for who i was ended up turning out to be a jurk. In the past i have tryed to get a job and fit in with suciety they have eather hired a crack head over me or threw away my aplication. when i finaly got a job i held it for a year. Rite now the only freinds i have are eather pretending to accept me for who i am for moral reasons and the other one doesnt have very many freands him selfe. I had some one nearly killing me because they diddn't realy like me for who i was instead was thinking they were going to get something out of it and when they got arested for nearly killing me their freinds and family have been comeing after me intimidating me at work and spreading romers about me. But its not new i have had alot of that going on all my life.


Casdok said...

I am so sorry to hear all this it must be very tough for you.
Have you tried making friends on any chat forums?

Cheri said...

Hang in there. Things are hard for you, and they always have been. But you need to remember, you have the remarkable ability to take your problems and learn from them. It isn't bad to have a healthy skepticism about why people want to be your friends. You are aware of more things now, and you will eventually be able to find good friends who like you for who you are. There's a lot of life left in you, and a lot of time to get things right.

Anonymous said...
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Steven said...

It makes me sad that people can be so mean to you. Especially since you can be such a fun and nice person. I hope that things get better for you!