Saturday, May 31, 2008

The cure for prejudice

Prejudice has slowed most of all human progress including preventing disease, Lowering crime rates and ending poverty. Those tasks seem impossible for the status we are at when all we had to do was train our brain to shut off all thoughts and Perceptions that are related to hate. For those of you who hold on to hate not seeing what it is doing to your life. I erg you to pay more attention to your life and whats going on around you and remember that hate is your soles request to be one of them in your next life and your body's symbol for questioning. if you do not wish to keep hating every one even if its something one person of their kind has done here's how do do it.

1. Look at the person you feel the grudge against of the type that you were currently prejudice against.

2. Meet some one of the same type force good thoughts about that person and start thinking about all you have thought about the entire grope.

3. Every time you think prejudicial thoughts remind your self that's not a good thing to think about someone.


Casdok said...

Somne good thoughts there.
Prejudice is a horrible thing.

Steven said...

Hate is a very bad thing. Usually when you hate someone, the person it hurts the most is you. Great post!