Friday, July 25, 2008


History has repeated its self repeatedly everyone is still fooled by republicans repeatedly and regardless of what bush has put everyone though they still support him no matter what he does and even making things up about all of the opposing parties such as false scandals and bash on then saying that bush was defending our rights even though the patriot act witch violates on our rights was passed by George Bush and Cheney and they even proudly admitted to most of their evils people still refuse to believe it and still support him. If that does not sound like stupidity think about this, The FDA has recalled almost all the produce that exists because of saminella. althogh they wernt scared of mad cow diesease wich cant be cured they would ban things over saminella and ignore mad cow desease. If you don't think thats stupidity than you might be one of them.

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Casdok said...

History does tend to repeat its self. You would think that we would learn from it.