Monday, December 17, 2007

Who should you vote for in the 2008 elections

Mitt Romney is planing to cut taxes for the rich, Eco George W. Bush and stop science before they offend his religion and keep the war in Iraq going. Mike Hukkabee is planing to stop all those who oppose him and the republican party. Obama will do things in favor of his race only. Hillary is going to re pare damages done to her husbands hard work and is going to listen to the people of the united sates to find out what issues to solve. What are you going to vote for? I guess it's up to you. But do us all this favor, Don't foll any one like sheep and don't vote for some one just because their the same race, sex, or religion vote only according to whose planing to do the right thing and not violate on out constitutional rights or some one who is going to serve only their own kind.